The Vice-Principal savoured the sight of her nemesis in this sexually vulnerable and available pose, and took more pictures from several angles of her boss, who was now naked apart from her shoes, the skirt up around her waist and the large bra from which her huge tits had been extracted. Then Jacquelyn put the camera away in her bag and withdrew her favourite and largest strap-on – one which she had not had any opportunity to use on another woman for many months. She stripped off her flimsy thong and buckled the dildo in its place, over the straps of her suspender belt. The bitch’s cunt is so wet, thought Jacquelyn, there’s no need for lube; she positioned herself between the prone woman’s outflung legs, and shoved the plastic cock quite roughly into her vagina. The Principal moaned and shuddered, but her words were all broken beggings to be fucked and screwed harder and harder – and her mumbled memories were now a chaotic mix not only of Michelle and Miss Norrington, but also of someone called Abi (who seemed to have been a friend and lover from her school or college days), an Emily, a Rebecca and an enticing-sounding Mei-Lien, together with a Faye who seemed to have been a fellow teacher at Moira’s first school – clearly something of an expert with a strap-on, and probably an older woman.

‘You spread your pussy about, didn’t you, you slut?’ grumbled Jacquelyn with some jealousy, for she had only had three lovers in the last fifteen years, with quite long desert spells – as now – in between. In fact, she had been so starved of sexual activity for the last couple of years that she had recently imagined signs of interest from one of the youngest teachers, but she had swiftly dismissed the notion as most likely the product of her frustration and over-heated imagination.

Jacquelyn adjusted her position, reached forwards with her left hand to grasp the centre backband of Moira’s bra, withdrew the dildo fairly slowly and then firmly rammed it back in again. This began a rapid, hard, unrelenting shafting of the Principal’s cunt; in her befuddled state, Moira was dimly aware of this and could feel her body responding and her climax start to build, but she had only the haziest idea of where she was and who was doing this to her.

As Jacquelyn had known would happen, she was becoming stimulated herself from the friction of the between-the-legs understrap of the dildo’s harness, which was slipping between her opening labia and rubbing along the inside of her vagina with growing intensity of effects similar to a tribbing session. The older woman began to sweat and pant, her movements becoming more convulsive as her every one of her senses was stimulated: touch, from the rubbing of the harness in her own cunt and her grasp on Moira’s body; smell and taste, from the Principal’s gaping pussy and its dripping juices; hearing, from the mewling sounds and mumbled beggings that Moira was making, and, most of all, sight – the vision of the bitch who had thwarted her ambitions now sprawled almost naked, helpless and vulnerable, and taking a hard fucking on her own office desk; really, if the Principal had not turned out to be a lesbian and been so physically responsive, it would have been rape.

As it was, in the intensity of Jacquelyn’s arousal she seized the Principal hair’s with one hand and hauled the busty woman’s torso upwards from the desk top, forcing her back to arch so that she was taking the dildo-fucking from another angle which would impact even more surely on her clit, and then Jacquelyn reached round with her other hand and mauled the Principal’s heavy breasts, which were swaying wildly in the air. The sensual excitement finally sent Jacquelyn over the top, and she came in a massive triple orgasm just as her victim climaxed as well. Their combined gasps and moans drowned out the faint sound of footsteps in the corridor outside – pausing for a moment outside the locked study door, and then pattering quietly away again.

Jacquelyn collapsed on top of Moira’s back, as the younger woman swooned beneath her. The Vice-Principal was exhilarated and exhausted, and she felt completely drained in more ways than just the physical and sexual. She pushed herself upright, sliding the dildo out of Moira’s cunt, at which the comatose Principal moaned slightly in regret. Jacquelyn unbuckled the strap-on, wiped it with tissues and put it back in her bag. Then she stood for a moment, looking down at her vanquished boss. She felt washed out, empty, almost cleansed – it was as if the cataclysmic orgasm had uncorked and released all of her bile and envy.

Quite suddenly, Jacquelyn felt almost as if she was coming back to her normal self after a long illness, and was shocked by the strength of the anger that now seemed to have washed away. It was true that she had felt very bitter at being passed over for the Principalship, especially as she had too much taken for granted that the reversion was hers almost by right. When the post had gone instead to a younger woman, Jacquelyn reluctantly had to swallow the realisation that by the time the new Principal moved on, she would be too old to have a chance again. Meeting Moira had rubbed salt in the wound: when Jacquelyn had seen her amazing bust – which was always well-exhibited in her tightly-tailored suits – she had scathingly ascribed the choice to that alone, grumbling privately to herself that the cow had only had to point her hooters at the selection board for them to fall over themselves to give her the job. Whilst Jacquelyn had given no outward sign of hostility, she had nursed this kernel of resentment quietly, in an unconscious compensation for her growing fixation with her boss’s curvaceous figure and truly stunning breasts. However, as the months passed she had come to appreciate Moira’s qualities through working with her, had come to admire her and to see why the appointing committee had chosen her ... and had, perhaps, started to feel other things for her as well, but until this evening she had had no inkling of where the ever-professional and rather private Principal’s tastes or affections might lie.

With a shudder, Jacquelyn began to wonder if she had made a dreadful mistake – if this plan, concocted so many months ago when her rancid feelings had been at their height, had been such a good idea after all. Still, it had been fun – and it had revealed the well-kept secret that Moira was a lesbian. Jacquelyn pondered what to do, and as she did so she traced her fingernails gently up and down the length of Moira’s spine. The drugged woman stirred in response, and mumbled:

‘Do me, do me again – fuck me again, I need it so bad! Fuck me, make me cum and cum and cum!’

‘Shit, you are hot stuff, aren’t you?’, breathed Jacquelyn softly, raising her eyebrows: Moira shouldn’t have been this responsive so soon after ingesting the powerful drug – evidently the woman had an unusually strong sex drive! The Vice-Principal looked down at the attractive form of her boss, savouring her ‘just been fucked’ sprawl and smell. Perhaps this could go another way, she mused, perhaps a much better way. Jacquelyn stroked Moira’s neck, lifting her tangled dark hair and combing it through her fingers. Then, coming to a decision, she bent over and, with a delicate touch, she gently kissed the prone woman on the back and side of her neck. It was as if Jacquelyn’s world shifted around inside her head, changing her perspective, disorienting her for a vertiginous moment. She had never believed in the old cliches about love/hate relationships, but now she wasn’t so sure ...

There was going to be a change of plan. Originally, after fucking the Principal on her own desk, Jacquelyn had intended to dress her, drive her to her own home, lay her out on her bed – still clothed – and leave her there. She would thereby have carried out her good deed of ‘seeing the Principal home’, and any hazy memories which Moira might have when she woke up could be dismissed as wild dreams – with a hint that the Principal had over-indulged in alcohol at the reunion. Instead, Jacquelyn revised the remainder of that schedule. With a little difficulty, she got Moira’s clothes back on, and then shook and revived the Principal enough to stand up and totter along the corridor, with her weight leaning against the older woman. Although the reunion was surely over by now, Jacquelyn did not want to run the risk of encountering any lingering guests or – even worse – Jenny Neustein’s student helpers. So she steered Moira away from the main front entrance, and used her master key to unlock one of the fire exits on the side of the building, without setting off any alarms. The sweet fresh night air was balmy and it revived Moira a little, making her easier to manage. Jacquelyn steered her superior along the gravel path, aiming to come out at the parking area on its unlit side; there was no one around and it was peaceful and still, apart a brief rustle in the hedge from some small nocturnal animal.

At her car, a serviceable but ageing Volkswagen which Jacquelyn had recently caught herself ruefully considering was a good parallel for its owner, she managed to get Moira to lie across the back seat. She checked that Moira’s own car was securely locked, before leaving it there and driving the two miles to her own house – a small but pretty whiteboard built in the 1920s, in its own quite generous lot. Somehow, she woke Moira again and got the half-conscious woman into the house; just before they entered, the cool air refreshed the Principal briefly once more, and she fastened her mouth onto Jacquelyn’s for a passionate kiss, before her deputy was able to steer her inside. With some care, in case they both toppled down, Jacquelyn manoeuvred the giggling and stumbling Principal upstairs to the big double-bed in her own bedroom. The Vice-Principal had lived alone for the last eighteen months (before that, she had shared the house with a female ‘cousin’ who in fact had been her lover, not a relative), so there was no one else to bother about.

With a deep sigh of relaxation, Moira collapsed onto the soft mattress, her eyes closing in slumber once again. Tenderly, Jacquelyn undressed the Principal, and then pulled the light duvet over the naked woman. She neatly folded Moira’s clothes – noting in the process that the Principal did indeed take a G cup bra size – and then took off her own, used the bathroom and slipped under the duvet from the other side. Moira murmured something, in a more normal tone – less druggy, more just plain sleepy – and Jacquelyn felt a new thrill as the younger woman snuggled up closer and then reached for her, wrapping her arms about her body. Although her eyes were still closed, one of Moira’s hands found Jacquelyn’s left breast and squeezed it, and then drew it down to her mouth, starting to lick and suck it.

‘My God, you’re insatiable!’ gasped Jacquelyn, turned on again by these attentions. She cast the duvet aside, rolled over on top of Moira, and began a tribbing session, their legs entwined and pussies grinding together. This only aroused her more – until she noticed with shock that Moira’s eyes were open and looking at her, although with a vacancy that suggested she was still at least partly under the influence of the sleeping drug.

‘I don’t know how I got here, but – Jacquelyn? – that’s wonderful, please, don’t stop’, and to prove her point, the sexy Principal spread her legs even wider apart. This was too good to refuse, and Jacquelyn slipped out of bed to retrieve the strap-on from her bag. This time, however, she fucked Moira in the missionary position, looking intently at her face, and did it slowly and gently at first – although she finished firmer and faster, in response to Moira’s screamed requests to ‘give it me good’ and ‘fuck me hard’. Once again, Jacquelyn orgasmed herself, even though Moira was not touching her clit and there was no dildo in her own vagina. She was too tired to do more than unfasten the strap-on and drop it at the side of the bed, before the two women fell asleep, entangled together.

It was mid-morning on Sunday when the sunshine through the bedroom curtains woke Moira. She closed her eyes tightly against the brightness, feeling muzzy and hung-over, with a headache and a dry mouth. What had she been thinking of the night before, to have had so many glasses – the fizzy white wine had been deceptively strong. She didn’t remember much about the later evening, and anyway – suddenly, she realised that she was not at her own home, and was naked in someone else’s bed! Where on earth was she?

Moira felt a hand gently stroke her forehead, lifting her damp hair away with soothing gentleness. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock – in bed next to her, also naked, was Jacquelyn Drake, of all people! She was struck dumb for a moment, but took in Jacquelyn’s warm smile – much warmer than anything she had seen from her at school – and her attractive body, her still firm and pert breasts with their visibly erect nipples. Moira thought her deputy looked pretty hot for someone of forty-three, and she was far from being turned off – her taste had always been for older lovers, ever since as a teenager she had been seduced by Miss Norrington (who had then been nearing forty), the event which had set her feet firmly on the twin paths of school-teaching and lesbianism. As all this was flashing through her mind, together with a few vague and jumbled impressions from the previous night in her office (Christ!! did we fuck on my desk?) and clearer ones from the bedroom afterwards, Jacquelyn leaned forward, her breasts swinging seductively, and kissed her on the lips.

Moira lay speechless in stunned amazement. She had not been with another woman for nearly four years – and now this? No wonder her drunken self had leapt at it, somehow she must have subconsciously picked up on Jacquelyn’s interest and availability.

‘Hi, hot stuff,’ said Jacquelyn, cupping one of the Principal’s huge breasts and then lowering her mouth to lick around and suck on the nipple. Moira gave a slightly desperate moan, and then her long-suppressed needs made something snap: she didn’t need to be so fucking nun-like all the time, did she? – there was no vow of celibacy involved in being Principal (although, as a lesbian, there had to be discretion). And what could be more discrete than an affair with her deputy? – no one would question the many meetings and consultations they would need to have, or their becoming friends and visiting each other’s houses. And, by God, she wanted this, she needed this – and her hazy impressions of last night, and the sweet tenderness in her vagina, were evidence enough that the apparently-conventional Ms Jacquelyn Drake was an accomplished lesbian lover. Moira looked up at her, smiled with unfeigned pleasure, and said:

‘Hallo yourself, sexy lady. I hope pussy is on the breakfast menu in this house?’

Jacquelyn felt a thrill of exhilaration unlike anything she known for years. She returned a radiant smile which transformed her usually sober expression, making her seem younger, livelier and happier than Moira had ever see her before – and even more attractive.

‘Oh, yes babe!’ replied Jacquelyn with an eager laugh, as one hand slipped to her own crotch and toyed with her slit; ‘and titties too ... yours are just so magnificent’, she added, with open admiration.

‘Do you really like them?’ asked Moira, a little shyly, for she had quite mixed feelings about her big breasts. Lying on the soft bed and looking up at Jacquelyn’s trim figure, she suddenly felt deliciously submissive towards her day-time subordinate. Fluttering her eyelashes coquettishly, Moira purred: ‘they’re all yours – you can do whatever you like with them.’

Jacquelyn gave a slight gasp at this wonderfully erotic offer from the big-busted woman in her bed, and felt her own responding wetness. She knew exactly what she wanted to do: she threw the duvet off the bed, and swung a leg across so that she was straddling Moira’s chest. Taking one of the Principal’s full breasts in her left hand, she squeezed it firmly so that the nipple was pushed upwards like a mountain peak, and then she lowered her gaping labial lips over it, forcing the tit into the cavity of her vagina. Grasping the breast, she used it like a substitute dildo, vigorously frotting the erect nipple up and down inside her pussy and grunting in arousal as she did so. It was also intensely stimulating for Moira, the sensations from the titty-fucking radiating out from her breast like wildfire, and she began to squirm and moan beneath Jacquelyn, her movements turning on the older woman even more. Jacquelyn’s head went back as she forced her cunt down even harder, and at the same time she reached behind with her free hand to clutch Moira between the legs. The Principal gave a mewl of delighted pleasure and spread her thighs apart, as Jacquelyn’s long forefinger plunged into her vagina whilst her thumb sought out her clitoris – seizing them both in a pincer-like grip, and rubbing in erogenous stimulation. She certainly seemed to hit Moira’s G-spot, as the younger woman began to give rasping cries and to buck and thrust underneath Jacquelyn so forcefully that she might have toppled off if Moira had not reached out with both hands to hold her at the waist. With wild abandon, shoving even more of Moira’s warm and amazingly malleable breast into her cavity, Jacquelyn rode them both to an intense and prolonged simultaneous climax. As Moira’s explosive orgasm receded, she released her grip on Jacquelyn and the older woman slid down onto the bed beside her, breathless and dizzy from her exertions and their amazingly satisfying results.

‘Oh my God, Jacquelyn, that was wonderful’, sighed Moira, nuzzling her soft breasts against the taller woman. ‘I do hope you’re going to be doing this to me often ... very often ... very, very often!’

The naked Vice-Principal gazed tenderly at the nude body of the Principal (My God, if the staff or students could see us now! she suddenly thought, and had to struggle to suppress a delighted giggle). She replied with simple and wholly convincing sincerity:

‘I’d love to, Moira, I’d love to.’

In that instant, Jacquelyn moved from simple physical desire to falling in love, and determined that at the first chance she could get, she would delete all of the pictures she had taken the previous night. It was time for a fresh start, a truly new dawn, she thought, as the two women settled down to a long 69, broken only by cries of encouragement, squeals of pleasure and gasps of orgasmic ecstasy.

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